About us

Welcome to XAFLA! Our restaurant is located in the city centre of Bayonne at the confluence of the rivers “la Nive” and “l’Adour” and is the result of a true passion for good food. Our goal is to create an intimate little restaurant with a warm and homely vibe. 


Leaving the low windy lands behind, we two ‘dutchies’ settled in the Basque Country in 2016 for the love of the region. Now we want to share this love with you conveyed by our passion for the food and drinks given by the Basque soil.


Since forever the land has fed the animals, which has fed men who has the responsibility to nurture the land. We pay tribute to this life cycle by offering high quality local products, made by local farmers and Basque producers and artisans. That’s why we propose only fresh, artisan or home made products, where you can taste the Basque culture with a whiff of Dutch and modernity coming alive in your mouth.

And what better way to achieve this then by combining the old with the new world, each with its own characteristic flavours? Besides offering you local wines, each containing its own story, we would like to enrich the Basque palette by proposing you local brewed beers. If this isn’t your thing no need to worry: you can also try our non-alcoholic drinks or crafted apple juice. You will see that there is a harmony to be found when old and new meet as long as they embrace the same vision. Therefor we are happy to also offer local biological craft products as well as vegan products as we think that balance is key.


As we want to bring people together and tell them the stories behind our food, our products are served on a xafla, which is Basque for a wooden platter, so that you can share with each other. You can compose your own platter or choose from a variety of products we already selected for you in a menu. All our xaflas are garnished with extras like jam, nuts, fruit, olives, and so on. We bring the Basque soul, we only ask you to enjoy it!

See you soon at XAFLA!